Thanksgiving is rolling in so you butter be thankful. You should be stuffed, but try not to hog  all the food. So be a sweet potato and grab your  yams. It’s going to bean awhile until you eat again. I hope you turkeys have a ham of a good time.



Nov 3, 2017 at 9-48 AM

Left to Right: Jordan Angel, Jr Russell, Alton Worley, Caitlyn Walker, Michael Britt, Cheyanne Beals, Ashley Williams, Deondre Little

Welcome cavaliers to your first ever blog page! This blog is managed by your 2017-18 journalism class.

Here are the authors descriptions

Jordan Angel

  • She’s a Junior and member of Spirit Club. She enjoys music, movies, and reading. She also loves animals and Gets A’s and B’s year-round.

Jr Russell

  • He’s a Junior athlete that plays Football, run Indoor track and play Soccer. He enjoys playing video games ,watching anime, and movies. He’s an Honor student that makes A’s and B’s throughout the year.

Alton Worley

  • He’s a senior who’s been going to lakeland for the past four years. He participates in the Lakeland Indoor and Outdoor Track Team, as well as, our Cross Country Team. He likes all things movies, TV, comics, and anime.

Caitlyn Walker

  • She’s a Senior and a A-B honor roll student. Outside of school she has a part-time job working at a daycare. She enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with friends and family.

Michael Britt

  • He’s a Junior A-B honor roll student. He’s enjoys talking to his friends and binge watching TV shows in his free time. He’s also a member of spirit club and FCCLA.

Cheyanne Beals

  • She’s a junior that enjoys taking photos and cooking. She loves to travel but also loves to watch movies on Netflix all day. She wants to become a wildlife photographer.

Ashley Williams

  • She’s a senior and an all-around athlete. Throughout her high school years she has participated in Cheer, Dance, and Indoor/Outdoor Track. She likes all things food, fun, and music.

Deondre Little

  • He’s a 17 year old senior. He plays football and runs track. He enjoys the environment of Lakeland High School and the people here. Playing video games and watching tv is what he spends most of his time doing.


Fall Activities Recap

Band Achievements 

  • Nansemond Battle of the Bands
    • Majorettes – 2nd place
    • Dancers – 2nd place
    • Flags – 2nd place
    • Horn line/General Effect – 3rd place
    • Drum line -2nd place
    • Drum major – 2nd place
    • Overall – 3rd place
  • Hopewell Battle of the Bands
    • Majorettes – 3rd place
    • Dancers – 1st place
    • Flags – 1st place
    • Horn line/ General Effect – 2nd place
    • Drum Major – 1st place
    • Overall – 1st place


This years 2017-2018 Lakeland High School football team finished 4-6 in the season one win less than last year. With this record, they clinched 7th seed in the 3A playoffs.  November 10, 2017 they’ll face-off against the #2 seed I.C. Norcom at Norcom High School. Lakeland high school prevailed over Norcom in the 3A first round playoffs. The final score was 10-7 in (OT). With that win they’ll play York on November 17, 2017 at York High School.

Boys Volleyball 

This year the boy’s finished 7-14 on the season. On November 14, 2017, they played in the regional game but fell short. In the last three years were there best years ever at Lakeland High School. After this season, they’ll go into rebuilding mode with the lost of seven seniors. Out of the seven seniors two made regional honorable mentions. Those two were Cody Anderson and Hunter Rawls.


The 2017 LHS Golf team experienced a challenging season starting with the competition and our lack of experience as a team. We ended the season with 4 players: Freshman Josh Ellis (1st year), Sophomore Sarah Bazemore (1st year), Junior Brehon Epps (2nd year) and Corey Hasson (3rd year). We won two matches this year as a team and Corey Hasson qualified for the State Tournament. Corey is the first Lakeland golfer to make it to the State Tournament in 17 years. In order for more success, we need more players for the LHS Golf Team. If interested, please contact Coach Waller in Room 126.

– Coach Waller

Field Hockey

The 2017-2018 team finished their season with a record of 7-9 and also made it to round two of their conference playoffs before suffering a defeat by York.


Candy Clutter

Trash on the floor is not something to snicker at. The hallways are filled with candy wrappers and trash. When you and your 3 musketeers don’t throw away your trash, it gets piled up and the school gets dirty. Don’t be an airhead, clean up after yourself. Be the custodians lifesaver and find a trash can.

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